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Gifts and Accessories

Clip on sunglasses, chains, gift cards and more.
Shop gifts and accessories for you or a special someone.
e-Gift Card in $50.00

e-Gift Card $50.00

Care Kit in Navy
  • Navy

Care Kit $12.00

Gift Card and Envelope in $50.00 / I shouldn't have. But I did.

Gift Card and Envelope $50.00

Wells Clip in Grey
  • Grey

Wells Clip $60.00

Ball Chain in Rose Gold
  • Rose Gold

Ball Chain $19.00

Lens Cloth (2pk) in Blue and Mint
  • Blue and Mint
  • Pink and Yellow

Lens Cloth (2pk) $5.00

Multi Link Chain in Porcelain and Limestone
  • Porcelain and Limestone

Multi Link Chain $19.00

Rope Chain in Black
  • Black

Rope Chain $19.00

Leather Cord in Khaki
  • Khaki
  • Black

Leather Cord $19.00

Jordan Chain in Gold
  • Gold

Jordan Chain $19.00

Sports Cord in Black and White
  • Black and White

Sports Cord $19.00

Baroque Pearl Chain in Gold
  • Gold

Baroque Pearl Chain $19.00

Markova Clip in Silver
  • Silver
  • Gold

Markova Clip $60.00

Sleeve Glasses Case in Black
  • Black

Sleeve Glasses Case $10.00

Belted Glasses Case in Liquorice
  • Liquorice

Belted Glasses Case $25.00

Sleeve Case in Khaki
  • Khaki

Sleeve Case $10.00

Meimask in Navy
  • Navy

Meimask $29.00

Homer Clip in Grey
  • Grey

Homer Clip $60.00

Hector Clip in Brushed Antique
  • Brushed Antique

Hector Clip $60.00

Adler Clip in Rose Gold
  • Rose Gold

Adler Clip $60.00

Beaded Chain in Black and White
  • Black and White
  • Pearl and Gold
  • Khaki

Beaded Chain $19.00

Organic Link Chain in Silver
  • Silver

Organic Link Chain $19.00

Joyce Clip in Grey
  • Grey

Joyce Clip $60.00

Palmer Clip in Grey
  • Grey

Palmer Clip $60.00