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Our Lenses

Find out about what's included with our lenses, and what options you have for your next pair of glasses. We cover everything from single vision and multifocals to sunglasses and transition lenses.

All of our prescription lenses

Included with every pair at no additional cost. All of our glasses come fitted with the good stuff:

Scratch-resistant treatment

A treatment that does just what it sounds like.

Anti-reflection coating

We apply a coating that does double duty: It eases eye strain and reduces annoying reflections from your lenses (perfect selfie each time).

Smudge resistant lenses

Our lenses are hydrophobic which means they repel water and oil to help resist smudging (because smudges are the worst).

UV protection blocking

For all clear optical lenses, a standard 1.5 index prevents 94% of UVA/B from penetrating. Our thin 1.6 and above is 100% (protect those peepers!).

Tinted and Polarised lenses

Come with a scratch-resistant treatment and have 100% UVA/B protection.

Pricing: Single vision lenses



Two pairs for $199



Two pairs for $199



Two pairs for $250

Our multifocal lenses

Multifocals are great if you need both distance and reading correction. Multifocals provide sharp overall vision and seamlessly transition from distance correction on top to reading correction on bottom. That means you can see your whole field of vision without switching between multiple pairs of glasses.

What are multifocal lenses?


Look straight ahead for activities like watching TV and driving.


Good for spending time on the computer.


For all close-up work like reading and paperwork.

Our multifocals

Bailey Nelson's multifocals are a digital freeform lens. These lenses are easy to use - even for first time wearers - and fast to become a part of your everyday life. Wearers enjoy sharp, wide, comfortable and safe vision that feels more natural. 

We have 3 great options to choose from, starting from only $225.

Any two pairs from $400

Office, Relax and Bifocal lenses

Office lenses

Office lenses are the perfect solution for patients who want clear near and intermediate vision. An office lens is ideal as a second pair to a multifocal. Offering office lenses will extend your patients' near vision range. They are perfect for many different types of working environments.

  • Increase range of clear vision from reading distance to up to 2m away
  • Perfect first or second pair for anyone who wants near vision glasses for activities like drawing, jobs around the house or playing an instrument

Relax lenses

This lens provides greater comfort than standard distance single vision. By allowing your focusing to relax, your visual accommodation is better managed throughout the day.

  • Ideal if you use near vision for extended periods doing activities such as reading, texting, paperwork etc.
  • Ideal if you are starting to need reading glasses
  • Ideal if your use of digital devices (smartphones, tablets) leave you suffering from symptoms of visual fatigue or digital eye strain

Bifocal lenses

Bailey Nelson bifocals come in two different types. A flat top and a curve top. A flat top is used for customers with a standard prescription whilst a curve top is used for higher prescription bifocals.

  • Good if you use near vision for extended periods doing activities such as reading, texting, paperwork etc.
  • Good if you do not need intermediate vision or don’t want to use a progressive

Pricing: Office, Relax and Bifocal lenses







Any two pairs for $550

High index prescription lenses

If you have a stronger prescription, a high index lens allows you to wear a lens that is lightweight and thin. This ensures more comfortable glasses even if your long-sightedness, short-sightedness, or astigmatism prescription is high. It means you can reduce the thickness of the lenses you need, in the frames you love (don’t forget that everyone likes thin, lightweight lenses so even low prescriptions benefit from high index lenses).

All our high index lenses come with 100% UV protection.

Thin 1.6 high index

These lenses are thin and lightweight and allow you to wear your favourite frames in perfect comfort and style. 1.6 high index lenses are up to 25% thinner than 1.5 standard lenses (recommended for lenses between +/-2.50 and +/-4.50 total power)

Thinner 1.67 high index

Recommended for anyone with a strong prescription (+/-4.50 or higher total power), 1.67 high index lenses are up to 38% thinner than 1.5 standard lenses.

Thinnest 1.74 high index

These lenses, recommended for those with especially strong prescriptions (+/-5.50 or higher total power), are up to 50% thinner than 1.5 standard lenses.

Pricing: High Index Lenses
standard lenses



thin index lenses 1.6



thinner index lenses 1.67



thinnest index lenses 1.74




Blue Light Filter

Blue light filter decreases the amount of blue light coming from digital devices and may help reduce digital eye strain, so your eyes won't feel so tired by the end of the day. The big benefit is that it increases contrast and comfort for people who look at digital screens a lot — all of us, basically.

Some exceptions

We don’t offer our Blue Light Filter for varifocal glasses or our ultra thin 1.74 index lenses. These lenses have more complicated refraction technology packed inside and we can only fit so much in a small space - sorry about that!

Nose Pads

While our steel and titanium frames come with nose pads, some people may choose to add nose pads to our acetate frames. Whether for added comfort or to stop your glasses sliding down your nose (particularly helpful for those people with narrow noses), these are a great addition to your new frames.

Pricing: Extras
blue light filter

Blue Light Filter


nose pads

Nose Pads



Cat-Eye or Aviator, Round or Square, we have 100’s of styles for you to try tinted, polarised, transitions - the choice is yours.

We’ve got options to meet a variety of vision needs, including polarised lenses, Transitions® and different tints to reduce the impact of UV radiation on your eyes.

sunglasses clip
clip sunglasses

Non-prescription sunglasses

Our non-prescription, polarised sunglasses start from only $145.

These lenses offer style and protection with no vision correction. Most people choose this option when they’re shopping for a new pair of everyday sunglasses. Our non-prescription glasses come with polarised lenses at no added cost. These eliminate glare, increase contrast and improve colour perception, allowing for better vision and comfort with every wear.

sunglasses clips

Sun Protection Extras

Prescription sunglasses

Starting at $170, our prescription sunglasses are available in a range of colours, as well as the option for full or graduated tint – choose your fighter!



Reduces brightness and glare, a neutral tint that transmits colour so they retain their true beauty. Best for bright outdoor sunlight to help reduce squinting and eyestrain.


Reduces glare, increases colour perception and blocks out a large percentage of harmful blue light which helps to brighten vision on cloudy days and increase contrast between colours. Great for driving or outdoor action sports.


Like Grey, this tint reduces glare while brightening shadows and transmitting a high level of natural colour. It provides contrast to colours and adds to visual clarity.


Available in both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses in tints such as green, grey and brown, polarised is the only lens type that specifically reduces reflected glare that you see off surfaces such as water, snow and roads, as well as blocking UV rays. They’re especially recommended for driving, fishing, boating and most other outdoor activities, where glare interferes with what you are seeing.

non-polarised sunglasses
non-polarised sunglasses

What are lens categories?

Sunglasses and fashion spectacles are classified into categories based on their performance suitability and to outline their use in certain conditions. At Bailey Nelson, we currently offer the following 3 categories:

Category 3: Most of our sunglasses are Category 3 and the highest category of sunglasses currently on offer. These sunglasses provide a high level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.

Category 2: A few of our tints fall into Category 2. These are "general purpose sunglasses" and provide a medium level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.

Category 1: Some of our fashion tints are Category 1. These are not sunglasses; however, they do provide limited sun glare reduction and some UV protection. Fashion spectacles with category 1 lenses are not suitable for driving at night.

Transitions lenses

Light Intelligent lenses™ that automatically adapt to changing light, Transitions® lenses darken when outdoors and return to clear when indoors. They also reduce glare, prevent eye strain, and filter more blue light from the sun and screens than our classic lenses.

  • Fully clear indoors
  • Dark outdoors
  • Returns to clear faster than ever
  • Protect your eyes outdoors blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays

Available in seven stylish colours and for all prescription types, from single vision and progressive to non-prescription and readers. Scratch and smudge resistant and anti-reflection coatings included.

They're also available in multiple tint colour options such as Graphite Green and Brown as pictured below.